Skwod Edit

Skwod is a prestigious group based in London and Hertfordshire, where members debate and discuss issues, talking about matters as diverse as politics and culture.


Founded in September 2014 by Dhruv Kaushik as Fascism?, the group enjoyed a Golden Era with the first six Core members, Dhruv Kaushik, Aditya Dabral, Rishi Hindocha, Savan Mehta, Shrey Srivastava and Siavash Minoukadeh engaging in fruitful debate and organising various outings. Troubled only by the contentious issue of the First Purge in November, which led to the 10-month ousting of Hindocha, the group prospered and thrived through 2015.

The group voted on the addition of two members in early 2015, Tanay Dongre and Akin Anthony-Ojolola, who contributed healthily to the group and were much later involved in the Skwod+ Scandal. A few months later Daniel Trethewey was added to group, resulting in the subsequent departure of Akin, among other reasons.

In December, however, a whirlwind of chaos led to the ousting of founder Dhruv Kaushik, embittering members and causing widespread instability that was assayed much like Weimar Germany assayed the hyperinflation crisis, by doing more of what had caused the problem in the first place. Three members were added, Z. Mohamed, A. Bibekar and N. Shah, swelling numbers to the highest they had ever been.

With more chaos in January after a chance conversation between Aditya Dabral and Dhruv Kaushik regarding Pertinent Problems, allegations were brought out into the open once more and Kaushik was reinstated. Later that month Daniel was removed from the group due to longstanding animosity among other members of the group.

On the 8th of February 2016, Aditya Dabral left the group.<hero description="This wikia documents the history of the prestigious Skwod group, based in London and Hertfordshire. Created in September 2014, Skwod enjoyed an initial Golden Era with 5 original Core members. However, its inability to police its borders led to negligent additions without sufficient background checks, the ousting of one Core member and the resignation of another and the decline of the Empire. With its recent revival after complete collapse in January 2016 under the strain of too many additions, there has never been a better time to document the group's past." imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

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